Bryant Park, an ode to the Manhattan discoveries

A place somewhere in Manhattan…   1.5 oz Stolichnaya Sticki Vodka .5 oz Drambuie .25oz tangelo shrub 6­-8 dashes Bittered Sling Denman bitters Top with unfiltered wheat beer, I used Rickards white Shaken, except beer, with lots of ice. Double[…]

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Chimney Stax, savoury cocktails are in.

Savoury Cocktails have always been part of the scene, the Bloody Mary, Caesar, Dirty and Burnt Martini’s to name some classics. Here is a fun take with a niche product in Chase Smoked Vodka. Think Delicious savoury Last Word Cocktail[…]

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Tropical Vesper James Bond You Only Live Twice Cocktail

Tropical Vesper, with Belvedere Mango Passion

Let’s set our targets on the Vesper cocktail. The first classic cocktail ever invented for a fictional character, this is the first drink James Bond orders in Casino Royale. The original recipe for a Vesper: 3 parts of Gordon’s Gin 1 part Vodka 1/2[…]

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The Walter Caesar Cocktail

Caesar & Red Snapper get a crafty makeover.

Whether you like your tomato based drinks stiff like a Red Snapper cocktail, or long, like a Caesar, not too many craft cocktail bartenders in Canada are overly enthused to make the Nation’s most popular cocktail for you. Why? Maybe it’s the curse of[…]

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The cosmopolitan #100Classics

The cosmopolitan is likely the first cocktail I ever made. Then I hated to make them, and now I make a damn good one. This is a new classic, with a murky history came about in a time when revolution[…]

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Kollar Club

The Kollar Club with Double Cross

2 parts Double Cross vodka  1 bar spoon Yellow Chartreuse 1 bar spoon Fireweed Honey 5 drops Bittermen’s Boston Bittahs (Chamomile Lemon) Garnish: Lemon Twist Method Combine ingredients in stirring vessel. Stir to combine honey with other ingredients and then[…]

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