Trick Dog declassifies their secret 7th menu

Trick Dog declassifies their secret 7th menu

Just a day after their 3rd anniversary Trick Dog (3010 20th Street, San Francisco) has launched their 7th menu.

Each menu release from this award-winning bar team comes with more hype than the last and the latest highly anticipated menu is filled with secrets.

Burn after reading.

Trick Dog Secret 7th Menu

Trick Dog’s Secret 7th Menu

They completely change everything about the menu from concept to design of the actual print-work and a 100% overhaul of every cocktail they serve. Many great bars go with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach but that wont cut it for this team. Rip it up and start again is the motto for their bi-annual menu changes.

Crop Circle Recipe, Trick Dog Secret Menu

Crop Circles, as seen at Trick Dog.

It’s this approach, along with highly creative and original cocktail creation and razor-sharp attention to detail and execution that won Trick Dog accolades such as best bar team at Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards and Worlds 50 Best Bars in 2015. Two nods from the Beard Foundation has sent this bar soaring onto the radars of food and drink lovers around the world.

Trick Dog Secret Menu Cocktail

The Elvis Sighting: Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon – Bananas Foster Liqueur – Creme de Menthe – Angostura

Topping the last menu every time is no small feat. When they opened 3 years ago with a Pantone color swatch menu with cocktails appropriately named with the clever color names, guests had never seen anything like it. An album of 45 records, a Horoscope Listing, SF landmarks, chinese restaurant menu, a charitable dog calendar later they have proved that they can reinvent the wheel each time. Now on to their latest, a conspiracy theory classified document folder. #B.A.R.C.

Area 51 Cocktail Trick Dog Secret Menu Sighting

People are seeing little pink men. Area 51 Cocktail with Absolut Vodka – Ancho Reyes – Green Apple – Lime – Egg White

As you flip through pages of 12 cocktails posing as classified documents complete with highlighter marks, black marker streaks, and information of stories of ghosts, monsters, secret societies and unsolved mysteries you cant help but feel a little privileged.

Trick Dog's Secret 7th Menu

For a complete list of Trick Dog’s Secret 7th Menu recipes check out

On top of a dozen new cocktails they have a list of equally delicious high balls, boiler-makers, cheeky shots, low proof options, no proof options and even large format cocktails. Gazing upon the following images will be extremely interesting, but highly classified.

Pina Colada Trick Dog Style

Buried deep in the jungle we found the lost file of the large format Pina Colada. Don Q Gold, Skipper and Smith and Cross Rums – Coconut Creme – Sencha Green Tea – Brown Sugar – Absinthe – Lime.

Trick Dog Secret Menu Drinks

Chupacabra: Tapatio Blanco Tequila – Bonal Quina – Carrot – Lime – Turmeric – Whey – Root Beer

Trick Dog Menu 7

The Reptilian Elite: Bombay Dry Gin – Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth – Pineapple – Simcoe Hops – Lime – Cocoa Nib

Menu 7 for Trick Dog is all secrets

Biggie and Tupac: Calle 23 Reposado Tequila – Hidalgo Amontillado Sherry – Maurin Blanc Vermouth – Honey – Sage and Jasmine Tea – Meyer Lemon. We have all stayed up pondering the East Coast vs West Coast Rap beef…. Now we know what it tastes like.

Highballs and shots Trick Dog Menu 7

The new menu has high balls, boiler-makers, cheeky shots, low proof options, no proof options and even large format cocktails.

Moon Landing Trick Dog

The Moon Landing : Rutte Celery Gin – Mango “Falermouth” – Sparkling Wine. They drank plenty of Martinis when we landed on the moon, or did they?



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