Clandestino Cocktail, by Xaris Darras

Clandestino Cocktail, by Xaris Darras

Xaris Darras is a 31-year-old Bartender from Athens, Greece. He is the Head-Bartender at a cocktail bar called, Mona’s. The bar is in the northern suburb of Chalandri. He is competing in the global Bacardi Legacy 2015 tournament in Sydney. He won the Greek national final and will be representing Greece, alongside Canada’s Mike Shum.

Clandestino Bacardi Clandestino Cocktail | Image credit Yiogos Kaplanidis

Xaris Darras makes his signature Clandestino cocktail with Bacardi rum. | Image credit Yiogos Kaplanidis


“I’ve been a bartender for 10 years and this is my second competition. One year ago I took the 4th place in Finlandia Vodka Cup in Greece (Video link), and now i am a finalist in Bacardi Legacy Competition for 2015″

Clandestino Cocktail

Clandestino Cocktail, by Xaris Darras | Image credit Yiogos Kaplanidis

The Clandestino Cocktail

              60 ml BACARDI SUPERIOR RUM


              20 ml PINEAPPLE JUICE

              25 ml LIME JUICE



Combine ingredients in a shaker. Add ice. Hard shake and fine strain into chilled coupé. Garnish: Dried lime wheel with mint sprig.


A quick note on shrubs, or drinking vinegars, by the expert Michael Dietch,

 “Sugar, acid, and optional alcohol preserve fruit juice, and in fact that was one original purpose of the shrub. Prior to the invention of refrigeration, a shrub syrup was a means of preserving fruit long past its picking. Shrubs were popular in Colonial America, mixed with cool water to provide a pick-me-up on hot summer days.

A proper shrub has a flavor that’s both tart and sweet, so it stimulates the appetite while quenching thirst. The advent of industrially processed foods and home refrigeration combined to nearly eliminate the shrub from use”

Shrubs are now very popular with bartenders as ‘another acid’ that can nuance the flavor of a drink.

Clandestino Shrubs

Shrubs by Michael Dietsch

Michael Dietsch is a barfly, booze hound, book hoarder, jazz fiend, and technographer. He lives with his wife, kids, and cats in Brooklyn, New York. When he’s not out on the town, he’s usually at home doing laundry and writing. His first book, Shrubs, went to print October 2014. He’ll save your life if you ask nicely enough.

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