Spicy Tequila at 1897 Bar, Dubai

Spicy Tequila at 1897 Bar, Dubai

Dubai is known as one of the top shopping destinations in the world, however what most people are not aware of, there is a great nightlife scene. Original bars, lounges and lavish night clubs abound in this modern Middle Eastern pearl. 

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates in Dubai – Image credit Georgina Bowater

Recently, after doing my weekly grocery shopping at Mall of Emirates and still hiding from burning 50 degrees outside (summer time in UAE!), I decided to pay a visit to one of Dubai’s best kept secrets, the low-key Bar 1897. This sanctuary in the 5 Star Kempinski Hotel, is conveniently located in the Mall of Emirates

1897 Bar Menu

1897 Bar Menu – An interactive Ipad Display

Once inside you’ll be greeted by friendly bartenders. The dark space invites you to sit by the glowing bar. Their sophisticated menu is displayed on iPad, The interactive lets you to select drink by the type, base spirit, region and the time when cocktail was invented (1890’s-2000’s). The digital menu mostly carries classic cocktails from different eras, with a few modern interpretations.  In Dubai it is permitted to smoke inside. Cigar connoisseurs can enjoy a glass of their favorite spirit and a decent selection of Cuban or Honduran cigars.

Bar itself has dark modern yet cozy vibe. Live jazz adds even more style to this venue during peak hours. Bar 1897 – another reason to go shopping in Dubai!

1897 Bar Interior

1897 Bar Interior


1897 Bar

Kempinski Hotel Mall of Emirates, Level 2


Sunday – Thursday 11am – 2am

Friday – Saturday – 11am – 3am

To make a reservation, please call +971 409 5999 or email to restaurants.malloftheemirates@kempinski.com

One of the house signature tequila cocktails – Red Hot Chili Pepper provides refreshing yet spicy taste if you are looking for something original. A sweet and refreshing first sip reveals a chili spice aftertaste. It is an interesting mixture to try.

1897 Bar-  Red Hot Chili Pepper Cocktail

Red Hot Chili Pepper Cocktail

Red Hot Chili Pepper Cocktail

Cabeza Blanco infused with chili 1.5 oz

the-86-co-cabeza-blanco-tequila dubai

Lemon juice ¾ oz

Madagascar Vanilla bean syrup ¾ oz

Ginger beer

Sparkling wine

Chili pepper for garnish

Pour tequila, lemon juice and vanilla syrup into shaker. Shake, strain into copper mug or rock glass filled with ice. Top up with ginger beer and splash of sparkling wine. Garnish with red chili pepper.







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