Travelling Bartender: B1 Cocktail Club, Montreal, QC

Travelling Bartender: B1 Cocktail Club, Montreal, QC

Spending any length of time in Montreal is a must for bartender’s and hospitality professionals alike. The finest of eateries, innovative drinks, the darkest of alleys and the notorious after hours culture.  You need not go far for a great cocktail and enviable “french Canadian” service. I say all this as a french Canadian, with a love for Francophone and Anglophone culture collisions. Montreal is a people watching bartender’s dream…

B1 Cocktail Club is just that, a collision of Canadian. Patriots to the Habs, huge smiles and a staff having fun making everything you can throw at them.

B1 Cocktail Club is everything that is right with Montreal hospitality. Lead by flair and cocktail duo Jonathan “MDP” and Tony, with talented bartenders galore behind the wood. B1 is 1 part school, 1 part cocktail bar and 3 parts party.

Just down Rue St Denis and you will see the unassuming sign jetting out from the left that leads you to a staircase. b1bar_en   B1 Cocktail Club Stairs As you land at the bottom of the stairs, you will likely see bottles flying and ice chips spraying unassuming customers, 4 or 5 deep. B1 bar 4 Around the corner of B1 Cocktail Club you will see the “live wall” with the herbs and spices necessary to create daily creations. B1 bar 3 Chalkboards circle the header of the B1 bar, where creations are adjusted daily to meet demand, ingredients and the desires of the barman “du jour”. Nestled in the back is a large area for big groups with it’s own bar and more than enough space. B1 bar 5 Something comes over me in a place like this. I feel at home, I feel comfortable, and I let loose just a little. First it was taking over the jukebox for 3 hours, then throwing some bottles in a suit, which led to Jonathan and I starting to balance things…..and then there was fire…I think..

B1 Cocktail Club

From classed up barmen to shot welding, balancing act in 25 minutes flat. It must have been the hand carved ice in my Boulavardier.

From the mouths of the owners;

B1 Cocktail Club is the floodgate to the cocktail culture in Montreal. Creations that are out-of-this-world or perfectly executed classics, both our rapidly changing cocktail menu and our one-night-only cocktails will make you discover new flavours and new ways to get tipsy. Drink with moderation. Or at least try to. Or maybe just think about it really hard because hey, it’s the thought that counts!

If you value a great time, entertainment, amazing cocktails and huge french Canadian smiles, you need to drop by B1 Cocktail Club on Rue St Denis, tell them we sent you and you will surely get the same amazing treatment every customer gets:)
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