Chimney Stax, savoury cocktails are in.

Chimney Stax, savoury cocktails are in.

Savoury Cocktails have always been part of the scene, the Bloody Mary, Caesar, Dirty and Burnt Martini’s to name some classics.

Here is a fun take with a niche product in Chase Smoked Vodka. Think Delicious savoury Last Word Cocktail & Vesper.

1oz Chase Smoked Vodka

1oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

1oz Cocchi Americano

Griottine Cherries & Orange Zest

Stir, for around 1 minute over good solid ice to chill it down to perfection, garnish with two griottine cherries and a large orange zest, on the side a cauldron of dry ice with clarified veal consommé poured over for a smoky meaty aromatic airs.

A savory, smooth, smoky delicious cocktail

Savoury chimney Staks

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