Chimney Stax, savoury cocktails are in.

Savoury Cocktails have always been part of the scene, the Bloody Mary, Caesar, Dirty and Burnt Martini’s to name some classics.

Here is a fun take with a niche product in Chase Smoked Vodka. Think Delicious savoury Last Word Cocktail & Vesper.

1oz Chase Smoked Vodka

1oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

1oz Cocchi Americano

Griottine Cherries & Orange Zest

Stir, for around 1 minute over good solid ice to chill it down to perfection, garnish with two griottine cherries and a large orange zest, on the side a cauldron of dry ice with clarified veal consommé poured over for a smoky meaty aromatic airs.

A savory, smooth, smoky delicious cocktail

Savoury chimney Staks