Petits fours, a new cocktail in Silom, Bangkok

Petits fours, a new cocktail in Silom, Bangkok


Petits Four - Thailand Flag

Pt. 1

50ml Kettle One Vodka,

20ml Peppermint Syrup, from a simple tea infusion 1:1


Pt. 2

On the side

50ml coconut cream

25ml coconut milk, 2.5 ml simple syrup,

3 dashes peppermint bitters

Build and chill before serving, mint sprig garnish.

Pt. 3

Dark chocolate and mint chocolate garnish,

Drink credit should go to VesperBKK bar team.

Inspiration after dinner cocktails every sip should follow on to the milk then the chocolate for a Petits fours experience.

Petits Four - Vesper BKK

Vesper BKK Team headed by Colin Tait of

petit four (plural: petits fours) is a small confectionery or savoury appetizer. The name is Frenchpetit four (French pronunciation: ​[pø.ti.fur]), meaning “small oven”.

Petits fours were traditionally made in a smaller oven next to the main oven.[1] In the 18th century some bakers made them during the cooling process of coal-fired brick ovens to take advantage of their stored heat, thus exploiting coal’s high burning temperature and economizing on its expense relative to wood.[citation needed]

Petits fours come in three varieties:

In a French patisserie, assorted small desserts are usually called mignardises, while hard, buttery biscuits are called petit fours.

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