Water of Life, eau de vie.

Water of Life, eau de vie.

1 part Okanagan Spirits Pear eau-de-vie. (A rare product, this is not a fussy drink, so feel free to use and “Water of Life” you prefer.

 1/2 part Cocchi Americano

 1/2 part House infused vanilla vodka

 2 dashes Mexican Vanilla

 2 Parts Dry sparkling wine

 Shake the first four ingredients with ice and double strain into flute. Crown with bubbles.


A delicious Mexican vanilla made this cocktail dance. Use the best you can find.


Eau de vie or “Water of Life” is the foundation for so many things in our ancient past. Distillation was first a method of preserving carbohydrates and having sterile products to use in a time before refrigeration and proper food storage techniques.


The Vodka is so simple to make. Vanilla Vodka is accomplished by simply steeping a vanilla bean, split down the middle in your favourite bottle of vodka. 2 weeks and TADA! Your very own water of life.

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