The PDT Cocktail Book – Review

The PDT Cocktail Book – Review

Why is The PDT Cocktail Book so popular?

There are cocktail books that an aspiring bartender should read before they apply for their first bar gig. There are books that an experienced bartender needs to read before they plan to open their own establishment. Lastly, there are piles of cocktail books that a drink historian must read before the thought of writing about cocktail culture takes firm hold.

Bartender Jim Meehan skillfully provided the textbook for all three in his beautifully illustrated, “The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy” (2011)

PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan

From the chapter entitled, “The PDT Experience”

The book covers the core topics that will be useful for bar professionals seeking to improve.

Jim Meehan goes into depth on the topics of Bar Design, Glassware, Bar Tools, Mixers and Garnishes, Cocktails and even the famous Hot Dog recipes!

I particularly enjoyed the telling of his back-story as a Wisconsin student. His training as a young New York bartender.
Meehan makes pointed recognition of the need for bartenders and venues to constantly evolve.
The recipes in the book may tweak over time, as newer better products become available.
The need for a cocktail speakeasy to have a set of etiquette will diminish as we develop a better culture of imbibing.

PDT Cocktail Book

The list of etiquette that established the vision for a bar that became one of the world’s best regarded.

What will remain are the principles of balance in the cocktail. The understanding of the history and fundamentals of the craft. Great bars guide and enhance every guests experience by attention to detail.

It is notable that a book about a bar named, ‘Please Don’t Tell’, is so open and forthright. Open-Source is a virtue that we at proudly adhere to.

The PDT Cocktail Book is a must read.

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