Walter Caesar Mix

Walter Caesar Mix

In late 2013, tasked with writing about Canada’s National Drink The Caesar, I felt conflicted. 

I quickly found out that a company called Brutus Beverages, out of Vancouver, had created a craft version of Clamato juice. One quick phone call to Aaron Harowitz, the Co-Founder of Walter Caesar, yielded an opportunity to sample their products. He immediately offered to send samples. I, overjoyed at how personable he was over the phone, talked about their company’s vision with him.

Here’s our take on why Walter would’ve rather used his namesake product over the one that sells 350 million litres per year.

Before you read on check yesterday’s cocktail [Excerpt]

Maybe it’s the curse of popularity or the laborious steps it can take to season and garnish the drink. We believe it is genuinely that the primary mixer commonly used to make the Caesar is loaded with HFCS (15 grams per serving), MSGArtificial Color and Sodium.

In fact, a single serving of commercial Mott’s Clamato has 1300 milligrams, almost the entire daily limit of 1500. All of it contained in a plastic bottle.

It would seem that there’s place for a craft alternative in the ever more ingredient conscious marketplace.

Enter Walter Caesar. Craft product with better ingredients, more flavour and all stored in a gorgeous glass bottle.

We hope that this year will be largely defined by the continued improvement in mixers for popular drinks. Walter’s has launched in Toronto and Vancouver, and their expansion into the Alberta market slated for late March. Caesar’s seem to be the next popular drink that will get a craft facelift. 

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  • pgrandboisgmail-com

    Please make a low sodium version! I would like it much more if it didn’t make me feel like a puffer fish!

  • pgrandboisgmail-com

    […] how does the Walter Caesar Mix taste? HERE IS OUR FULL REVIEW ON THE PRODUCT ITSELF. It is an outstanding product. It’s […]

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