The Scottish Flip, perfect for Sunday afternoon

The Scottish Flip, perfect for Sunday afternoon

 2 parts Macallan 10 Scotch Whisky

1 part House Macintosh apple cordial (Here is a link to an easy House Apple Liqueur from our friends at Boozed & Infused)

3/4 part Lemon juice

1 whole fresh egg

2 dashes Fee Brother’s Whisky aged barrel bitters

1 bar spoon Luxardo maraschino cherry syrup 

In a metal tin combine all ingredients, except maraschino cherry syrup, and dry shake. Add ice and shake again. Double strain into chilled glass. Finish with a drizzle of maraschino cherry syrup. 

Scottish Flip

The first bar guide to feature a flip (and to add eggs to the list of ingredients) was Jerry Thomas‘s 1862 How to Mix Drinks; or, The Bon-Vivant’s Companion. In this work, Thomas declares that, “The essential in flips of all sorts is to produce the smoothness by repeated pouring back and forward between two vessels and beating up the eggs well in the first instance the sweetening and spices according to taste.”[1]

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