Ungava Montauk, A Canadian spin on the classic cocktail

Ungava Montauk


 Ungava Montauk

 1.25oz Ungava Canadian Gin
 .5oz Vya Dry Vermouth
 .5oz Cynar Amaro
 1 coupe, washed with Herbsaint
1 grapefruit peel

 Combine Ungava, Vya and Cynar in a stirring vessel. Stir until well chilled and strain into chilled coupe that has been burnt with Herbsaint. Express grapefruit oil over top of drink and garnish with the peel.

A classic Montauk cocktail is made with Gin, Sweet and Dry Vermouth and garnished with a citrus peel.
The Montauk cocktail first appeared in the Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book and was

Named about the time that men of vision began to talk of Montauk Point as the Western terminus of transatlantic steamship lines.

The story and ingredients of Ungava gin made it the perfect fit for a variation on a Montauk cocktail. The name Ungava, means ‘towards the open water’ in the Inuit language and is a peninsula in northern Quebec where all the ingredients in the gin are found. Ungava gin gets its unique color and aroma from the regional botanicals used in its production. Nordic Juniper, Cloudberry, Labrador Tea, Crowberry, Wild Rose Hips and their proprietary Arctic Blend Tea (Echinacea, marshmallow root, peppermint leaves, elder and chamomile flowers, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and coltsfoot leaves) It is a quintessential example of the newest style of gin, known as New West. All of the ingredients have been long associated with Inuit culture for their healthy attributes.