Inglewood Old Fashioned, cold pressed Calgary


This is a drink that celebrates the origin of the term Barista, fused with a time honored classic cocktail.

The Italian origin of the word Barista means ‘Barman’, and literally implies one who would fashion all forms of drinks – coffee, alcoholic, cold or hot.

2 parts – Lemonhart Demerara Spiced Rum
2 parts – Phil & Sebastian Cold Brew Coffee
1/8 part – Bitters, Old Men “Giandu-Me” bitters
1/8 part – Agave syrup
1 Orange peel
1 Large ice cube, or globe
Rocks glass

In a stirring glass, combine all liquid ingredients. Add ice, cracked ice being the best for this drink. Stir until well chilled. Agave syrup can be dialed up, or down, to personal preference. Strain over large ice cube in a rocks glass.
Express orange oil over top of drink, and then use as a garnish.


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