Peppermint Rainer Mojito, BC Cherries meet backyard peppermint

Rainer Peppermint Mojito2 oz Mount Gay White Rum

1/4 fresh lime squeezed

1/4 Barspoon Lime Oil (sub for another 1/4 lime)

4 BC Rainer Cherries

1 Barspoon Raw pulverized Sugar (raw sugar in a coffee grinder)

8 peppermint leaves (keep the stalk with fleur”et” on top)

2-3 oz Soda

Add cherries (pitted & halved), to tin, add sugar and muddle till mush. Add oil, juice, and rum. Add ice and shake hard. Once joined, add mint leaves (spanked), stir for 45 seconds and strain over ice into chilled glass with mint stalk. Add 2-3 oz of soda.