Deaths Door Tonic, a g&t classic


3 parts Gin – Deaths Door Gin is our recommendation
1 part Porters Tonic Syrup, substitute an all natural product, as needed.
Qsoda – To top
1 large ice cube, or globe.
1 wheel of lime
1 Jose L. Piedra Cuban cigar, because there’s nothing quite like a Cuban.

In rocks glass, build liquid ingredients. Stir. Find veranda.
Light cigar. Read “Burmese Days” while sipping in the sun.
Goddamn heaven. George Orwell would be proud.


Here’s a little classic…

Refreshing, simple – but heavenly. The ultimate vice.
A Gin & Tonic, with a Cuban cigar.

Deaths Door Gin, of Wisconsin, is a marvelously simple gin. It’s three botanicals consist of juniper, coriander & fennel – all sourced within state near the distillery home, in Madison. The base spirit is organic Washington Island wheat & malted barley. (As you may have guessed, they have whiskey in the barrel. We wait with bated breath.)

Not just any tonic can be paired with a great gin, so we shopped local. Porters Tonic syrup, of Calgary, uses all natural ingredients made in very small batches. Carefully consider your non-alcohol mixers when enjoying your spirits. In many cases, they will be the primary ingredient in a long-drink.

The Qsoda, of Brooklyn, kept the all natural theme. This ultra fizzy soda gets its distinct flavor notes from Himalayan salt and adds special ‘pop’ to a drink that is already brimming with so many dancing top notes.

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