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Bryant Park, an ode to the Manhattan discoveries

A place somewhere in Manhattan…   1.5 oz Stolichnaya Sticki Vodka .5 oz Drambuie .25oz tangelo shrub 6­-8 dashes Bittered Sling Denman bitters Top with unfiltered wheat beer, I used Rickards white Shaken, except beer, with lots of ice. Double[…]


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Library Bar

Drink at the Library Bar, Ritz-Carlton Dubai

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Drioli - Sangue Morlacco

The Sangue Morlacco Drioli, in the begining

“The Drioli” is a a custom cocktail designed specifically for the #LuxardoChallenge.  Summer has arrived and in need of some refreshing fruit based cocktails for sipping in the sun. Francesco Drioli was the founder of the maraschino industry in Zadar[…]

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Claret Cobbler

Claret Cobbler – more than a French shoemaker

A rendition from The Cocktail Book, second printing in Dec 1926. 1) Sugar: The ingredients are key here. The classic uses powdered sugar, not regular granular sugar. The difference. How it dissolves into the cocktail; much easier with the powdered[…]

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Monkey Gland Cocktail Frank Meier

Monkey Gland and Frank Meier’s Legacy

The Monkey Gland cocktail is a debatable classic. Funny name, famed history but with a flavor profile that not every one can get behind. Orange juice, anise, raspberry syrup and gin. It requires a delicate mix.  The cocktail is one[…]

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